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There's No Need To Repeat Yourself. I Ignored You Just Fine The First Time T-Shirt I'm Going To Hell In So Many Different Religions T-Shirt There's A Fine Line Between Genius And Crazy...I LIke To Use That Line As A Jump Rope T-Shirt Sometimes I Have To Tell Myself, It's Just Not Worth The Jail Time T-Shirt Four Out Of The Five Voices In My Head Think You're An Idiot. The Other Is Deciding Where To Bury You T-Shirt
For My Next Trick, I Need A Condom And A Volunteer T-Shirt I Thought I Was In A Bad Mood, But It's Been A Few Years So I Guess This Is Who I Am Now T-Shirt The Fact That I'm Legally An Adult Is Hysterical T-Shirt Sorry I'm Late. I Didn't Want To Come T-Shirt Growing Old Is Mandatory. Growing Up Is Optional T-Shirt
SHHH...No One Cares T-Shirt You Think I'm Condescending? Do You Even Know What That Means? T-Shirt In My Defense I Was Left Unsupervised T-Shirt Sometimes I Think I Should Try And Be A Better Person, But Then I Just Laugh And Continue My Day T-Shirt Sorry If I Look Interested. I'm Not T-Shirt
I'M PROFICIENT IN 3 LANGUAGES...ENGLISH, SARCASM & PROFANITY T-SHIRT That's A Horrible Idea. What Time? T-Shirt I Hug People That I Hate. That Way I Know How Big To Dig The Hole In My Backyard T-Shirt Sarcasm: It's Better Than Being Charged WIth Aggravated Assault T-Shirt I Used To Have Super Powers, But My Psychiatrist Took Them Away T-Shirt
I Don't Get Old. I Level Up T-Shirt Merry Christmas. Sorry I'm Late. I Didn't Want To Come T-Shirt I've Decided Not To Have Kids. The Kids Are Taking It Pretty Hard T-Shirt

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