3 Birthday T-Shirts Design Ideas

Who doesn’t like to have themed birthday parties with customized birthday t-shirts and décor? With the pandemic already slowing things down, a good birthday bash is all you need to lift your mood and those around you. When it comes to celebrating color or theme coordinated birthdays, there is an endless variety of birthday t-shirts designs to choose from. 

From different colors and patterns to getting printed some characters or catchy lines on the happy birthday t-shirts, the never-ending birthday t-shirts design ideas never fail to amaze us.

However, we understand that with so many birthday t-shirts designs surfacing, it can be difficult to decide a winner. However, fret not because we’re here to save your day. Presenting you with some of the most classy and unique birthday t-shirts ideas that you can easily pull off this year for your loved one’s birthday or even your own.

Made in 1966 All Original Parts Shirt

Well, this t-shirt design for your birthday is definitely a unique one. Perfect for all those kids out there who’re thinking of throwing a themed surprise for their parents or elderly loved ones. Made from 100% cotton, this t-shirt will soon become one of your favorites, thanks to its super soft material.

Moreover, the catchy quote printed in front of the shirt makes it look even more interesting. If you’re looking bored of those cliché birthday t-shirts ideas, then you'll surely love this one. Since the shirt is unisex, it is perfect for both women's and men’s birthday shirt ideas. 

Moreover, these t-shirts are also available from 1940-1996, which means you can get them for your birthday too!

Quarantined Birthday T-Shirt

Looking for some fun quarantine birthday t-shirts ideas? Here’s one for you. We all know how boring life has gotten since this pandemic but what if you could still celebrate your birthday in style with this funny birthday t-shirt. Everyone loves to wear matching birthday t-shirts on their day; it simply adds more glamour to the entire thing.

This year get yourself and your loved ones these amazing and super comfortable tees. Celebrate your birthday from the safety of your home along with all those who are close to you. The t-shirt has a plain black color with the catchy quote printed in white block letters on it. 

You might not want to remember this pandemic in the future, but this happy birthday t-shirt with the quarantine theme will surely be a memory to cherish!

Best Birthday Ever Shirt

Make your special day even more memorable and exciting by getting your hands on this; it’s my birthday t-shirt. Matching birthday t-shirts always look good when worn together, so why wait any further. Made from pure cotton fabric, these happy birthday t-shirts are incredibly soft and true to their size.

The bright white design imprinted against the plain black shirt adds life and makes it look more catchy. For all those people who are a fan of customized or themed birthday parties, this is the perfect find for them. Not only this, but you can get the design’s size and placement as per your liking! Front, back or sideways, it’s all up to you.

Tips To Find the Ideal Birthday T-Shirts

We know planning a themed birthday party, and some customized shirts and accessories is not an easy task, so we bring to you some tips you can follow to quickly finalize everything and get done with things before time.

Play With Colors

It's time you leave those cliché pinks and blues behind and go for something fresh and different. If you're looking for some colorful t-shirts, go for a bright color like yellow, orange, aqua, or blue.

 In this way, you won't have to worry about making the shirts look catchy with many designs or anything because the color will already enhance the shirt's look. Not only this, but if you're a fan of monochrome 

t-shirts, then get those and add a vibrant motive to it to make the shirt look fun.

Choose A Comfortable Fabric

Apart from the design, the most important thing about any t-shirt is its material because that'll make what will make you want to wear it. Getting customized birthday t-shirts doesn't mean you'll only wear them at the party, you might want to keep it in your closet because it's so comfortable. Always go for skin-friendly materials such as cotton, as it is both lightweight and breathable.

Go For Something Different

Think out of the box when designing birthday t-shirts; after all, that's what matters. There are many ways to design a t-shirt, from adding simple detailing to the shirt to imprint motive. You can also get your favorite character or quote printed on the t-shirts as well. 


Now that you’re all sorted out about birthday t-shirt designs, you can surely go for something that's both unique, matches well with the theme, and is also comfortable. Always remember there is no limit when it comes to being creative, so make sure to design or get something you'll cherish forever.

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