Funny T Shirt Design Trends to Look out for in 2021

The world has suffered enough. After being holed up in our houses for nearly a year, the time has come to venture out and enjoy the freedom, with precautions, of course. Amidst all this, no opportunity that would tickle your funny bones should be wasted, and that's precisely what the funny T Shirt trend has to offer.

Gone are the days when T-shirts were merely casual dresses that would be adorned at home or at most, in sports events. Indeed, the dress has managed to carve its path into office wear too. Many people wear T-shirts to the office, formal gatherings, hang-outs, and several other occasions. For the youngsters, T-shirts are comfortable and casual fashion wear and rightly so.

Of course, when T-shirts are being worn on so many occasions, more variety is needed. Plain colors and little lettering wouldn't do the trick. Funny T-shirts undoubtedly provide a much-needed change.

Funny T-shirt designs to lighten the mood up

It is often said that what you wear reflects your mood. Considering the tough times we have seen in the past year, it's hardly surprising that hilarious T-shirts would be so much in demand. But here's where things get tricky.

There's quite a thin line between funny T-shirts and what can be downright offensive. Funny offensive T-shirts might seem great as long as they are within a certain limit. So if you are on the lookout for funny T-shirt designs that won't hurt anyone, here are the trends that can do the needful.

Funny T-shirt quotes

You can't go wrong with funny quotes, can you? After all, there's so much to choose from that can get the ball rolling and bring a smile to your and others' faces when they look at your shirt. So here's what you can do. Pick out a funny quote that you have always liked and get it printed on your shirt.

You can even search for inspirations online and come across some of the best T-shirt quotes ever. Don't be surprised if you sport hilarious quotes on people's shirts this year. The trend is here to stay. And if there's one thing that really works for this idea, it is that it isn't limited to any gender. Indeed, funny T-shirts for men can have hilarious quotes, and the same goes for women. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Hilarious T-shirts for special days

Of course, it isn't only the funny T-shirts with sayings that will make their presence felt this year. Don't we all wear unique shirts for occasions like Fourth of July and thanksgiving? Well, now you have the opportunity to put a spin on things and make them funny too.

That's right. Funny 4th of July shirts and Funny St. Patrick's day shirts will soon flood the market. Of course, it's essential to appreciate the sentiments, but a bit of fun wouldn't hurt anyone, would it? You can now look forward to people unveiling their humorous side on the big days by having their shirts printed, especially for the occasion. All those women who want to be unique and make their attire stand out now have the perfect opportunity.

They can get funny T-shirts for women with their personal spin on them and get something that truly represents the day, albeit in a humorous tone.

It's time for cartoons for funny shirt designs

So you think you have outgrown cartoons and animations? Think again because the trending shirt designs will soon make you change your mind.

Of course, if we talk about funny T-shirts, it's hardly possible that we wouldn't include cartoons and animations in them. After all, what can be more hilarious than these? They are effortlessly funny. So if you want to let the child in, you scream with joy only with a mere shirt, here's your chance. Get yourself a T-shirt with your favorite cartoon or character and smile every time you spot yourself in a mirror. There's a reason that those Buzzinga T-shirts were so much in demand. Figured it out yet?

Animal-inspired funny T-shirts

Considering that nature and environment are such topics currently, it isn't surprising that these will be the trending shirt designs. After all, designers seek their inspiration from the happenings around them.

So you can get some earthy designs and animal prints with a funny touch to them this year. Combine the influence of nature with humour, and you will nail the funny T-shirt trend.

Bizarre imagery for funny T-shirts

Not everything has to make sense, right? After all, abstract art is so popular, although few people understand it. This year, let people be confused but in a hilarious way as they try to figure out what exactly is going on with your shirt's design. Trust us; this one has the scope to really make your attire funny and stylish at the same time. A dash of creativity is all that's needed from you to get the stage moving.

Final words: let the world laugh with hilarious T-shirts

It's time to let your hair loose. Of course, the virus is still out there, and you still have to be cautious. But there's no reason not to have a little fun alongside, is there? In fact, the world is in dire need of some humour.

So here's the perfect chance to spread some smiles. Whether it's the Funny thanksgiving shirts or some other designs you have in mind, you have full freedom to go creative with this trend.

You don't even have to follow the herd. If you think that you can be funnier than the designers, don't hesitate to let it out. All you have to do is find an excellent T-shirt printing place and get your own idea printed on the shirt. Yes! It is that simple. Are you ready to embrace this trend? Unleash your creativity and humour and make your funny T-shirts meaningful. You can' go wrong with this trend. It’s time to spread smiles and that too with what you wear!
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