Top Graphic T Shirts trends that will make you look different

Trendy graphic tees to add to your summer wardrobe ASAP!

Like it or not, but graphic T-shirts have made their comeback and are here to stay. In recent years, the rise in streetwear fashion has dramatically accounted for their popularity. Our go-to vintage graphic tees have travelled from innerwear to outerwear. Indeed, these pieces have found their place in each of our essential wardrobes and we are better because of it! High-fashion brands like Gucci, Zara, and Burberry have also jumped on this bandwagon. These brands have taken advantage of the identity that graphic tees for men and women can offer us all. The creative renditions on the market today offer all of us a chance to best express ourselves. There is a lot we can learn from the revival of the graphic tees and today we’re here to tell you all about it!  

  • The Slogan T-shirt: 
  • Slogans convey the true essence of what we believe in. That is exactly what inspired this graphic T-shirt design. The point of these shirts is to express a concise message that is read clearly from several feet away. The inspiration behind these slogans usually has to do with either politics or current events. For most millennials and celebrities, in particular, slogan tees offer a chance to express their truth. The messages we can broadcast when wearing such a piece can help in solidifying a movement that is close to our hearts. Rallies and protests offer a unique way for these graphic tees for women and men to remain centre staged. However, their importance remains even behind closed doors. On a less serious note, some of these graphic tees focus on more fun topics, like social media trends. These make it possible for most people to find just what they’re looking for. At the end of the day, the slogan T-shirt is a way for us to connect to ourselves and the people around us.  

  • The Band T-shirt: 
  • Of course, vintage graphic tees that depict our favorite bands are nothing new. But in today’s day and age, they mean a whole lot more. These men and women trendy graphic tees are making a statement. They are a representation of the nostalgia of the past back when these shirts were worn by every teen in the 80s or 90s. Artists and musicians have especially invested in this fashion trend. Most of them are adding a retro twist to their contemporary merchandise, including their graphic tees for men and women. This not only gives importance to the bands that preceded them but make their brand stand out amongst others. Usually, tees within this range offer monochrome shades and oversized fits. These can be worn as high-street fashion statements and adorned with chunky jewellery and baggy sweatpants. This aesthetic is especially relevant to punk-rock enthusiasts but is slowly making its way to the pop-music world. 

  • Bootleg T-shirts: 
  • This type of attire is often confused with fake memorabilia on the market. However, bootleg T-shirts do not market themselves as being real merchandise at all. In reality, this graphic T-shirt design takes inspiration from existing merchandise, brands, or logos in order to create a unique twist. In fact, this trend has gained so much traction that designer brands have even signed up for it. Nowadays, high-end fashion brands make twist their own creations to create bootleg graphic T-shirts. In a lot of ways, they choose to make fun of their brands in order to appeal to wider audiences. The bootleg trend remains a popular graphic tee for men and women alike. Opting to wear one of these ironic, satirical pieces requires confidence and commitment. We highly suggest wearing a funky pair of kicks when opting to wear this tee. 

  • All-over prints: 
  • It is true that minimalist design has taken the world by storm. It is much safer to stick to smaller fonts and graphics within our T-shirt attire. However, for the risk-takers amongst us, these safer wardrobe decisions just won’t fly. Abstract design has a special place within graphic T-shirt design. These graphic tees offer much less controversy and remain safe from scrutiny. Moreover, these prints dabble into whatever color or design of their choosing. This trend allows the user complete freedom and experimentation within the design process. Geometric and tie-dye options are popular choices within this range. And for most people, opting for this trend means that they can sincerely depict the true essence of their personality. By not saying anything, all-over graphic tees for women and men can express everything. 

    The biggest takeaway from this T-shirt revival is the inclusivity it offers to people of all ages. Gone are the days when it was only acceptable for teens to adorn a vintage graphic tee. Now, in America’s bid for casual clothing, T-shirts are not only acceptable but entirely essential.
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