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Introducing our hilarious and entertaining "Drunk-O-Meter" t-shirt, a must-have for all party enthusiasts and those with a great sense of humor. Available exclusively at Feeling Good Tees, this shirt is designed to bring laughter and fun to any social gathering.

Made from premium quality materials, this t-shirt offers both comfort and style. The design features a whimsical "Drunk-O-Meter" graphic, complete with a range of humorous indicators that hilariously measure the level of intoxication. From "Sober Sally" to "Tipsy Terry" and all the way up to "Sloshed Steve," this t-shirt is sure to generate laughs and create a festive atmosphere.

Whether you're hitting the bars, attending a wild party, or just having a casual night out with friends, the "Drunk-O-Meter" t-shirt is a perfect conversation starter. It's a playful and light-hearted way to showcase your love for a good time and your ability to embrace the party spirit.

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